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While contracted with an OE Automobile Manufacturer I was introduced to a company who developed a crystal clear protective coating and was conducting tests in their science lab. The coating adheres to aluminum, non-ferrous metals, fiberglass, paint, and many other sub straights.  Applied Performance Corporation was launched in 2003 after working with coating manufacturer on different types of application projects.  This crystal clear coating is environmentally friendly, enhances DOI (definition of image) is resistant to salt, chloride, fuel, oil, brake cleaner, mild acids and many other harsh solvents.  Mold, mildew and algae may cumulate on the surface but is easily washed off without using harsh cleaners.  What caught our attention was a marketing flyer showing the algae on a fiberglass boat bottom being washed off with a garden hose.  We thought a good place to start would be the fiberglass boat market, as Michigan has one of the largest.  Our first coating applications were the hull bottoms on fiberglass boats.  We noticed several things after coating the boats.  Besides the permanent high gloss shine there was a gain in boat speed, algae removed easily and it helped prevent water intrusion into the fiberglass hull.  During this time we also applied the coating to a couple of pontoon boats on their aluminum tube hulls which attract large amounts of algae after a season of setting in fresh/salt water.  One pontoon boat coated in 2003 was located six years later after wondering how well the coating held up.  It was tracked down to a new owner in Wisconsin.  After contacting the owner and making arrangements to see the pontoon boat we were awed at what we saw.  The boat looked as if it had just been coated. There are no cracks, peeling, delamination of the coating and the algae came off with a brush and water!

After seeing how well the coating performed on fiberglass and aluminum hulled boats it was obvious it was time to branch out to other industries. The coatings where then tested on various sub straights from painted, non-furious metal, fiberglass, galvanized steel, and steel, concrete and found to have superior adhesion, UV resistance, and also resistance to harsh chemicals all the while being cleaned easily without any aggressive cleaning products. 

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After coating fiberglass and pontoon boats and seeing the capabilities of the coatings Applied Performance branched out into other industries.  A fuel delivery truck was coated in 2008.  The truck owned by Corrigan Oil in Brighton, Michigan has been through eight winters delivering fuel in the harsh Detroit Metro area.  The coating has held up remarkably well through winter salt/chloride covered roads and fuel splatter from refueling and delivery.  Corrigan has been very impressed with how well the coating has held up compared to another coating they use.  This coating has been applied to cement mixers and found to reduce labor and material cost in cleaning dried cement.  Concert Company’s found dried cement washes off with a pressure washer and no harsh cleaning chemicals are necessary.  HVAC units whether a home air conditioner or a large industrial air handling units have seen many benefits from these coatings.  Benefits from lower cost in maintenance, reduced operating costs, non-attachment of mold and mildew, and less down time. Other industries where coatings were applied Solar, Oil/Gas and Hardscapes have seen many rewards from these coatings.   

Applied Performance’s mission is to build awareness of these coatings and how they protect the environment, health, investments and images for companies and individuals, all the while enhancing equipment protection, increasing life, and reduce maintenance and operating costs.  



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Seal-Brite FAQ’s

Q:  What types of metal / surfaces will Seal-Brite work on?
A:  Seal-Brite can be applied to any type of aluminum, polished, mill finish, diamond plate, copper, brass as well as gel coat, paint to prevent oxidation, staining, discoloring, and easy release of algae and dirt.

Q:    Can you see Seal-Brite once it’s applied?
A:    After Seal-Brite is applied and cures it almost impossible to see.  It does not diminish the appearance to polished aluminum.  While gel coat colors are brought back to almost original under a high gloss finish.

Q:    Can Seal-Brite be applied to painted surfaces?
A:    Yes, Seal-Brite can be applied to painted or oxidized painted surfaces giving them a high gloss finish and bring faded paint back to their almost original color.

Q:    Can Seal-Brite be applied to fiberglass?
A:    Yes, Seal-Brite has been applied to the hulls of many fiberglass boats without anti-fouling paints.  Seal-Brite helps prevent water intrusion, brings color back to gel coat almost back to original.

Q:    Will Seal-Brite become chalky or yellow?
A:    No.  Seal-Brite will never chalk or yellow.

Q:    Is Seal-Brite a anti fouling coating?
A:    No. Algae will accumulate on Seal-Brite.  If your one who maintains their boat regularly just use a nylon bristle brush and scrub it off when your anchored in the shallows.  If you only clean your pontoon tubes at seasons end use a pressure washer first if traces of algae remain use a nylon brush with soap and water.

Q:    How long will Seal-Brite last?
A:    A long time.  There are boats and tanker trucks approaching ten years.  For boats you must be careful not let the hull continually rub on pilings.  The continued rubbing on the piling will remove the coating.

Q:    How is Seal-Brite applied?
A:    By a trained Seal-Brite installer.

Q:    How do I maintain Seal-Brite?
A:    Pontoons / Fiberglass boats.  If your one who maintains their boat regularly just use a nylon bristle brush and scrub it off when your anchored in the shallows.  If you only clean your pontoon tubes at seasons end use a pressure washer first if traces of algae remain use a nylon brush with mild soap and water.

 Tankers / Trailers.  You only need a water pressure washer, long handled brush and a bucket of mild car war soap.  

Q:    What products will harm Seal-Brite?
A:    Seal-Brite is imperious to petroleum based products i.e. gasoline, solvents, brake cleaner, hydraulic fluid.  It is also unaffected by snow and ice melting products salt, chloride, magnesium chloride.  High content acid products must be avoided when cleaning Seal-Brite.






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